The Armed Forces: Upgrading the efficiency of 50 roads and "40 bridges" in Cairo, at a cost of EGP 22 millionVisits : 83

The Armed Forces: Upgrading the efficiency of 50 roads and

Cairo - Mubasher: Ihab Al-Far, head of the Armed Forces Engineering Authority, confirmed that 50 roads have been upgraded in East Cairo, and 40 bridges have been constructed at a cost of EGP 22 million.

In his speech during the inauguration of the hydrocracking complex in Mostorod, Major General Al-Far said: "Today we complete the process of bidding and achievements for the inauguration of a giant industrial edifice, the hydrocracking complex in Mostorod, which coincides with the engineering authority of the armed forces developing roads and hubs in East Cairo."

He pointed out that one of the traffic axes (the recruitment axis in Shubra Banha) is being opened today, which was implemented within the East Cairo Region project, which is a vital artery linking the Mostorod area to the main roads east and west of the Republic, as they were linked to both Cairo-Suez Road and Cairo-Ismailia Road. , Cairo-Alexandria desert and agricultural road.

He continued: "As we study the development of East Cairo, the main factor was the need to overcome the traffic congestion in Greater Cairo, and we began to study the traffic problems that exist in Cairo and the traffic densities, as traffic densities reached 7 thousand vehicles per hour, in normal times and reached 12 thousand vehicles." In the hour at peak times. "

He explained that as a result of the high traffic densities that existed, they led to huge financial losses as a result of congestion, which reached 175 billion pounds annually, represented by 84 billion pounds as a result of the increase in traffic trips, 23 billion pounds as a result of increased fuel consumption, and 67 billion pounds as a result of the increase in accident rates. .

He added that the development plan for the East Cairo area with an area of ​​1072 km included raising the efficiency of 50 roads with a total length of 200 km, in addition to the construction of 40 bridges with a total length of 20 km, at a financial cost of EGP 22 billion, and 7 axes were implemented, and the first 6 of them were opened on June 30. In the past, and today, the seventh axis is inaugurated, which is recruitment in Shubra Banha Al-Hurr.

Al-Far pointed out that the first axis is the axis of Al-Nuzha Al-Mirghani, the Caliph Al-Mamun, with a length of 12 km, and 4 bridges were built on it, the second axis of Roxy Ramses with a length of 8 km, which connects between Roxy Square and Ramses Square, and the third axis of Lieutenant General Muhammad Al-Assar with a length of 18 km and connects the beginning of the Suez Road with El-Dabaa Road, long live Egypt, and 8 bridges were built on it.

And he continued: "The fourth axis is Joseph Tito, the Saiqa Bridge and Nasr Road, with a length of 15 km, and the fifth is the axis of Lieutenant General Ibrahim Orabi, with a length of 13.5 km, which connects the Suez and Heliopolis with the Belbeis Desert Road, in addition to the expansion and development of the Cairo Suez Desert Road with a length of 46 km, which starts from Abu Bridge Ghazala and ends in Heliopolis and the regional ring road. "


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