After the government announced its allocation electronically .. Steps to obtain a piece of industrial landVisits : 182

After the government announced its allocation electronically .. Steps to obtain a piece of industrial land

Eng. Magdy Ghazi, Chairman of the Industrial Development Authority, said that the Authority is currently preparing for the reservation of industrial land electronically, pointing out that it is scheduled to be launched in the coming days, pointing out that this in order to facilitate investors and businessmen to choose the land and identify investment opportunities and land available on the Egyptian investment map .

Magdy Ghazi, in special statements to "Echo Country", that will be provided about 1000 pieces of industrial land in principle, through the electronic portal to put the land in the trial period, showing investment opportunities ready for investment.

As for the features or how to book land electronically, Sada Al Balad publishes the steps to deal with the land reservation electronically as follows:

- Egyptian businessmen abroad and local and foreign investors can anywhere in the world to see the map of industrial investment and opportunities available electronically.

- The map includes all necessary data, land prices and required documents.

- The investor selects the piece of land from the map electronically.

- The investor advances on the ground by sending documents online.

- The Industrial Development Authority is studying the investors request.

- If the investors application is approved, he / she shall be invited to submit the original documents to the Authority to complete the remaining allocation procedures.

He pointed out that the Authority has put 31 million square meters of industrial land attached within three years, within the strategy of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for Industrial Development 2020, which aims to provide 60 million square meters of land attached to industrial investment.

He explained that the plan of the ministry aims to establish 13 industrial complexes for small and medium industries, and will be offered two industrial complexes, namely Mirgham II and the Red Sea complex soon to small investors.