"Petroleum" mechanisms to provide the market needs of gasoline and diesel × 12 pointsVisits : 225

1. Gas recovery unit at Assiut Petroleum Refining Company.

2 - the initial distillation tower at the refinery of Midor.

3 - Unit of production of high-octane gasoline in the company.

4- Hydrogen cracking compound for diesel.

5 - Contracting with ADNOC, UAE, Saudi Aramco, KPC and Sumo Iraqi companies to supply shipments of petroleum products and crude oil to the local market to complete coverage of the rest of the needs of the local market.

6 - The number of fuel supply stations that operated 850 stations during the period from June 2014 to date, bringing the total number of stations to 3597 stations.

7. Encourage marketing companies to create new outlets to serve the local market and increase investment in infrastructure.