CEMBUREAU welcomes prospect of carbon border mechanismVisits : 611

CEMBUREAU welcomes prospect of carbon border mechanism

In a position paper published recently, CEMBUREAU, the European Cement Association, welcomed the prospect of an EU carbon border mechanism, although a number of design principles should apply, namely:

  • In the initial phase, it must be complementary to the EU ETS free allowances.
  • It must be fully WTO-compatible.
  • It must be based on verified emissions from importers to the EU, and include indirect emissions.
  • It must be applicable to all ETS sectors alike.
  • It should provide for a CO2 charge exemption for EU exporters.

Koen Coppenholle, Chief Executive of CEMBUREAU, said, “A carbon border mechanism is a chance to create the level playing field in which our industry needs to help deliver the EU’s carbon neutrality objectives, and further cut CO2 emissions in the EU and beyond.”