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INTEGRAL was established in 2004. The firm provides integrated services at the highest international standards for the following disciplines:

· Environmental Engineering including environmental impact assessment, solid waste management, industrial audits, cleaner production, wastewater treatment, air pollution control engineering and modeling

· Sustainability including strategies and corporate sustainability reporting.

· Energy including energy efficiency, energy conservation, and strategic energy planning

· Climate change greenhouse gases inventory preparation, carbon footprinting and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)


In a country having unpredictable energy supply, INTEGRAL has continuously supported its clients in the cement sector to face the challenging and immediate energy crisis. INTEGRAL has developed 3 Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects allowing its clients to benefit from carbon credits from utilizing alternative fuels, and at the same time diversify their fuel mix.


INTEGRAL is the leading environmental consulting firm for the cement sector in Egypt. INTEGRALs experience involves conducting 17 Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) studies in the cement sector including 12 ESIAs for fuel switching  allowing our clinets reach the most economic and stable energy mix.


In addition to supporting its clients through ESIAs and CDM projects, INTEGRAL continues to provide innovative sloutions to the cement industry through sustainalbilityand energy efficiency consulting.


INTEGRALs client list in the cement industry includes Suez Cement Group, CEMEX Egypt, Arabian Cement, El Sewedy Cement, Amreyah Cement, Wadi El Nile Cement and Lafarge Iraq.