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MESSAGE from the ManagementTeam

For seven decades, United Group has remarkably contributed in shaping the scene of construction in Egypt. Basing it all the way to the top, the group has composed a significant business portfolio of its subsidiaries, superior services and quality products.

Since its foundation in 1940, four generations have been solidifying their grounds in the Egyptian market; investing their wide experience to create a growing empire that believes in development, professionalism, and massive knowledge.

United Group is a name that has been strengthened and vividly recorded with its establishments and accomplishments in Egypt, to become one of the most renowned Egyptian hubs in the fields of concrete, cement and property development, as well as its subsidiaries for various related industries.


 Our mission is basically elaborated in achieving the highest and optimum standards in all our business scopes and sectors. In addition, our customer-oriented values would be constantly realized through utilizing most up-to-date technologies and safety systems and tools for maximum customer satisfaction.

On a wider scale, United Group aims to become an international standard-setter for the constructional supplements range of industries.

UNITED FOR TRADING and Transportation

For over four decades, United Trade &Transport became one of the most iconic subsidiary under United Group, the company owns and runs one of the biggest fleets in Egypt for cement overland handling and distribution. The company has been witnessing an ongoing growth in the market since its inauguration, based on its focus to satisfy the utmost needs of the customers and fulfilling the market needs.

The main scope of business for UTT is cement handling offshore and overland, then expanded out to cover cement marketing with its various forms, in addition to cement exportation Africa, Asia and Europe. The strength stone of UTT is ingrained with its fleet of 250 trucks, flatbeds, silos and trolleys, that carries over 500,000 tons of cement monthly and ran by a team of technicians and experts. UTT encompasses over 250 employee and engineer, in addition to 350 technicians that are distributed amongst the company's branches in Egypt. Moreover, the company possesses a fleet of cement carrying ships to widen its transport channels; UTT operates a number of workshops for maintenance that is managed by a highly-trained team of technicians.

Furthermore, the top notch marketers in UTT has initiated the premier introduction for the GPS as a central controlling system in the Middle East in 2009, which increased the distribution efficiency with 20% with accurate delivery dates and complete insurance against theft or loss. Additionally, the GPS system operates around the clock with an automatic reporting and tracking feature for the shipments status through a high-tech communication center. As a result for its leading impact in the cement trading operations in Egypt, UTT has pioneered the bulked and bagged cement shipping in the market, to become a main partner with the cement producers and consumers simultaneously.

United Trading &Transport has been covering the importation area on parallel basis; as it initiated the concept of cement importation, starting with Turkey and swiftly increased its scope throughout other countries. It is worth mentioning that UTT has established the first terminal in Egypt for imported cement filling and storing in Damietta, with a daily production capacity of 3500 tons. Currently, UTT dominantly covers the cement trading market in Egypt by being the biggest trader of cement with its most highlighted types such as Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), Sulfate Resistant Cement (SRC) and White Cement (WC).

As a result for its immaculate efforts and vivid residence in the Egyptian market, UTT has been granted several awards and certificates of excellence for its premium eco-friendly technologies and strictly maintained safety standards, which qualifies it for its expansion plan in Egypt and MENA region in the near future.

MISR BENI-SUEF Cement Company

Misr Beni-Suef Cement Company was established 1997 as a shareholding company under the umbrella of United Group, with a licensed capital of 500 million Egyptian Pounds which was increased to become 3 billion Egyptian Pounds. The company's main scope of business is producing high quality cement and cement-related affiliations and packing materials.

The actual return-on-investment of MBCC has been concreted in its carefully selected team of specialized experts, whom have achieved remarkable targets in shortest timelines. Hence, the company has swiftly acquired the highest certificates of excellence in producing Normal Portland Cement that measures up for the European standards.The "EN 197-1 CEM I 52.5 N" certificate has been granted by the CE Mark and issued by Sachsen Anhalt — Germany.

Currently, MBCC cement production is distinctively recognized on both national and international levels for its firmness and dark color.

MBCC increased production from 1.5 million ton/year to reach 3 million ton/year by 2010 and initiated its new production line to ensure its natural growth in the cement Egyptian market and export to many other countries.

NATIONAL PAPER Products Company

The National Paper Products Company was inaugurated as the first independent bags manufacturer in Egypt, where it has based its core values on a customer-oriented principles that pushed the company swiftly up the scale of success. NPP has strategically dominated the market with its competitive prices, security of supply, flexibility of services and its ongoing innovation and improvement of the product it is manufacturing.

With such standards, NPP has been closely focusing on the human elements via building a team of experts; the designers and the technical staff have great expertise in matching the sack construction of the individual customer's filling equipment. Such competency led NPP to design sacks that match the exact needs of the customers.

NPP has vividly grown in the Egyptian market with its significant industrial portfolio.

The factory in the Industrial Area in 6th of October City mainly focuses on producing high quality paper sacks for the building material industries. All the production lines in the factory are equipped with topnotch production lines and 4-color printers from Windmoller & Holscher (Germany). Furthermore, knowing the bulk density for the material allows the company to determine exactly the right volume and exact dimensions for the sack to get the best filling performance; it is noteworthy that NPP has the production capacity of 130 million paper sacks annually dedicated for cement and other building materials.


Zahret Sinai was founded in 2000, aiming to be one of the best gypsum manufacturers in the region. The company's story of success is backed up with a business development plan that has been carefully calculated to produce the most optimum quality of gypsum, both raw and manufactured, and to transform its core from being a local company into a leading exporting hub.

The company has formulated its vision on a solid strategy with essential fundamentals, covering both industrial and moral values. With its utilization of the latest environmentally friendly technology and equipment, in addition to the local economic development orientation, ZSG became a major contributor to the constructions sector in Egypt.

The company owns a number of quarries in South Sinai with an estimated reserve of 120 million tons of raw material.

This raw material is of an exceptionally high quality. For best quality assurance, ZSG uses the latest state-of-the-art technology in crushing, kilning and milling, to produce white, fine and pure gypsum.

Due to the company's excellence and high standards many companies uses Zahret Sinai as their soul supplier for gypsum such as Cemex.


Being the property development arm of United Group, Green Hill's projects are vividly pinpointed in Egypt's real estate map. Capitalizing on United Group's leadership in the constructions sector, and investing its brilliant expertise in understanding the market; Green Hill has created an added value for the suburban residency, in terms of artistic designs, accurate deliveries and exclusive offerings.

The company has developed and completed three major projects since its foundation in 1995. It succeeded in creating a benchmark in the real estate with Moon Land in Sheikh Zayed city and Sun City in 6th of October, both featuring exclusive villas and luxurious living facilities. Sun City has is distinguished with its premium location, as its addressed 1 Juhaina Square. Green Hill has set a new standard for superb developments with a total capital exceeding 500 million Egyptian pounds. In addition, Green Hill has expanded to the touristic development arena, and introduced Green Beach project in Fayed, to be covering the different branches of successful real estate investments in Egypt.



The company is an ultimate result of a full-fledged mergence for the United Group's leading range of services and experiences in the fields of constructions, cement transport, equipments and maintenance. Unimix offers a complete knowledge and expertise in the concrete making materials and components, since it relies on the established partnership with its sister company United Trading &Transport that serves over 80% of the Egyptian concrete stations.

Unimix has based its structure on the efforts of selected team of experts in the field of manufacturing precast concrete in Egypt. Currently, the company is well reputed for its premium concrete equipments, that it has been providing outsourced services to the whole market, which led Unimix eventually to create a new market for precast concrete transporting and renting.

The company constructed various concrete stations to further enhance its services for the constructions market in Egypt. Unimix marks its projects in the North Coast, Qattameya and 6th of Ocober, and the increasing progress is continuous for the company.


Egypt Stocks Securities Brokerage company was incorporated as a part of United Group which has established itself as a credible institution with a strong foundation of success based on the ability to adapt to changing times, market conditions and clients' needs.

Egypt Stocks has maintained its position as one of the leading brokerage firms in the Egyptian Stock Market.

Egypt Stocks provides distinguished services through facilitating the most updated technical systems which help its clients be informed of stocks updates , cash statements & research reports from any place at any time.

Services Offered :
• Egypt Stocks offers its clients a sum of financial investments activities as follows :

Online Trading :
• The client is able to execute his transactions by himself in less than 15 seconds • Easy communicating through the support team number • Software easy usage • Only one click to e trading

Trade Execution :
A team of experienced traders and floor -brokers efficiently execute clients' orders aided by a large on-line screen network monitoring market activity

real time. Company brokers are known to be Responsible, Efficient and Conscientious.

OTC Transactions :
A team of competent and efficient brokers and lawyers examine all the necessary legal documents needed for OTC transactions , advise clients on all the legal steps and paperwork they need to complete before the deal can be executed.

They then execute the deal, make the necessary notifications and have the transfer of title certificate issued.

I ntraDay Trading : This service is offered to short term investors who wish to benefit from market fluctuations.

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