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National Bag Company

National Bag Company “NBC” is an Egyptian Joint Venture organization that is established since 1997, located in 6th of October City (50 km south of Cairo, it is considered one of the leading companies in producing kraft paper bags used in the packing of cement & gypsum, agriculture ingredients and products, fertilizers, powders…


NBC owns five German production lines with an annual capacity of 140 million bags, most of these production lines have the privilege to print up to four colors, high production speed and produce paper bags up to 4 plies


NBC Imports the paper materials from the elites of paper suppliers in the world to ensure high paper bags quality, the using paper materials are coming from the highest class standard trees founded in the Scandinavian and Canadian forests.

NBC exports its products to several countries in Middle East and Africa

Industrial / Sector:

  • Paper bags of cement/Gypsum and building materials (50 kg)

  • Agricultural & grains paper bags.

  • Chemicals and powder paper bags

  • Seeds and fertilizers paper bags

  • Shopping & fast food bags

  • Small flower and sugar paper bags (1 and 2 kgs)


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