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ASEC Company for Mining – ASCOM , a leading Geology, Mining & recently Manufacturing company. With over 25 years of exceptional track record in the Egyptian market, ASCOM has expanded its operations covering North& East Africa, the Gulf and Levant regions. ASCOM historically specialized in offering Geological & Mining solutions to the Cement Industry.


Originally established in 1975 as a special department within ASEC group to offer Geology & Mining services to ASEC’s cement clients. Over the years ASCOM developed a unique experience in this particular industry setting it without a contender as the most sought after partner for all Cement plants in the region. Today, ASCOM has operating subsidiaries in Egypt, United Arab of Emirates, Syria, Sudan and Ethiopia as well as teams in many other countries in the region.

ASCOM has expanded into mining of Precious Metals to capture number of rising opportunities in the region. Today, ASCOM has secured a number of concessions in East Africa for exploration and exploitation of Precious Metals such as Gold, Silver and Copper.

Finally, ASCOM has further expanded its operation by focusing on Manufacturing of specialized materials. ASCOM has utilized its mining expertise by investing in the field of Ground Calcium Carbonate manufacturing. Similarly, ASCOM has employed its technical knowhow to invest in manufacturing of Rock Wool and Glass Wool to draw on the high grade of available raw materials in Egypt.

ISO Certificates

· ISO 9001/2008                             Quality management systems

· ISO 14001/2004                           Environmental management systems

· BS OHSAS 18001/2007              Occupational Health and Safety Management


To continue leading in the Geology & Mining fields within North & East Africa, Gulf & Levant regions through continuously offering an interface between science & field applications, researching & developing new mining assets, and finally further value adding by spreading out into manufacturing industry of Industrial Minerals.

Environmental Care

The Environment is a crucial factor in all operations of the Company. Keeping a clean environment enriches and encourages ASCOM’s staff to perform at their maximum. Considerable efforts, investments and training are conducted to keep a clean environment in our sites. The real challenge is to change the culture of our laborers and direct them to respect the environment around them. ASCOM made a great success in this field; however, still a lot of work has to be done.


Services and Products:

Full geological investigation programs

· Field Prospecting.

· Geological Mapping.

· Structural Geology.

· Age Determination (Micropaleontology).

· Research Work.

· Preliminary, overall and detailed raw material investigations.

· Application of “SURPAC”


Complete geotechnical investigations

− In Site Tests

− Drilling (Core & Rotary).

− Standard Penetration Test (SPT).

− Geophysical Measurements (Seismic & Electric).

− Pressuremeters Tests.

− Laboratory Tests (For Soils & Rocks)

− Evaluation and Reporting


Geophysical studies

· Refraction Seismic.

· Geo-Electric Dipole –Dipole.

· Geo-Electric VES "Vertical Electric Sounding".


Survey works

· Contour Maps.

· Topographic Maps.

· Profiles.

· Traverse Network.

· Grid Systems.

· Road Designs.

· Settlement Monitoring.

· Equipment Alignment.

· Cut and Fill Eng.


Drilling works

· Core Drilling.

· Rotary Drilling.

· Overburden Drilling.

· Wire Line Drilling


Mining Planning

· Quarry Designs.

· Department Layout.

· Quarry Opening.

· Quarry Development.

· Sizing and Choice of Equipments.

· Explosive Stores.

· Quarry Facilities


Quarries total management

· Raw Materials Quality Control

−     Periodical Sampling and Analysis.

−     Raw Mix Designs.

−     Modification of Operations to achieve Mix Targets.

−     Installation of Site Laboratories for Controlling of Quality


·  Cost Optimization

−     Run Factor Studies.

−     Coordination for Time Saving.

−     Efficiency Ranking and Rising.

−     Full Capacity utilization.

−     Cost Saving in Power, Fuel, Spare Parts and Manpower



·  Operation Scheduling

−     Bench Operation Scheduling.

−     Loading and Transport Scheduling.

−     Shift Organization.

−     Cycle Time and Optimization.

−     Internal Traffic Planning.

−     Drilling Operation.

−     Blasting Operation.

−     Loading and Transport Operation.

−     Crushing and Conveying Operation.

·      Equipment Maintenance

−     Mobile and Stationary Equipments.

−     Preventive Maintenance Programs.

−     Inspection Reports.

−     Quality Repair Operation.

−     Equipment Overhaul Programs.

−     Preparation, Procurement and Manufacture of parts, material, manpower and time schedule.

−     Overhaul Works and Time Control.

Blasting services

ASCOMs Blasting Services are the updated equipment in professional hands. All of our blasting engineers undergo training in blast design, software, and measuring tools, set by the relevant international organizations. We are using the most high tech drilling machines and blasting equipment in the Middle East. In consequences, ASCOMs blasting department can undertake the following services on behalf of our customers:


·  Blasting Contracts

− Drilling Pattern Design.

− Drilling Operations.

− Supplying the Appropriate Explosives.

− Explosives Transportation.

− Management of Explosives Magazines.

− Supplying the Authorized Shot-Fire.

− Blast Design.

− Blast Hole Charging.



· Blasting Consultants

− Drilling and Blasting Proposals.

− Quarry Benches Profiling (MDL LaserAce - Burden finder).

− Blast Hole Deviation (MDL Boretrak - cabled).

− Blast Monitoring (MREL High Speed Video Camera).

− Blast Vibration and Air Pressure Measurement.

− Velocity Of Detonation (VOD) Measurement.

− Cost Optimization Study.

− Offering Theoretical and On-Site Training



·  Developments and Researches

− ASCOM introduced the Nonel to the Egyptian market: we were the leading company which used the Nonel system that carries many advantages as regards safety, vibration diminution and cost, followed by other companies.

− Sharing in the international conferences (ISEE) and (EFEE).

− Organizing of drilling and blasting seminars.

− ASCOM is preparing itself for dealing with the Bulk Emulsion in the Egyptian market.


Supply of raw materials

· Supply of Pure Gypsum

Location : Ras Sedr –South Sinai Governorate. Project capacity : 18000 ton / month. Product

Specification:     A. Size: Boulders not more than 50*50*50 cm OR according to customer requirements.

B. Chemical analysis. Type 1 Combined Water % 19.50 Min CaSO4 2H2O % 93 Min CaO % 30.5 - 33 SO4 %.


·  Supply of Glass Sand.

Location : Red Sea Governorate (300 km south of Cairo). Project capacity : 120,000 TPY Product

Specification:     A. Size: Between 0.125 mm & 0.6 mm not less than 95%.

B. Chemical analysis. Start of production : 6/2007



ASCOM Carbonate and Chemical Manufacture

Location : Minya, Egypt.

Services : Natural Super Fine Ground Calcium Carbonate Production. Treated Super Fine Ground Calcium Carbonate Production.


ASCOM Emirates

Location : United Arab Emirates, Fujairah, Masafi.

Services : Aggregate Production and all Mining Services.


Nepta for Geology and Mining

Location : Khartoum, Sudan.

Services : Geological Exploration for Gold.



Location : Duma, Damascus, Syria.

Services : Geology & Mining.


ASCOM Mining Ethiopia PLC

Location : Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Services : Geology & Mining.


Nubia Mining Development PLC

Location : Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Services : Gold Exploration.



Location : ORAN, ALGERIA.

Services : Geology & Mining.


Lazrag Travaux Public

Location : ORAN, ALGERIA.

Services : Crushing Aggregate & Blocks.


GlassRock Insulation Company

Location : Sadat City, Egypt.

Services : Producing Rock Wool Insulation and Glass Wool Insulation..


ASCOM Precious Metals Mining SAE “APM”

Location : Cairo, Egypt.

Services : Gold Exploration & Mining


Saudi Managem for Mining Services Co LTD

Location : Jeddah, KSA.

Services : Geology & Mining

Board Of Directors


Address:         26. Street 265 – New Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

Telephone:   +20-2-25203371  +20-2-25203371 FREE

Fax No.:        +20-2-25203373




Contact Person: Mrs. Nawal Hosney

Telephone:    +20-10-01775387 FREE

Mobile:         +20-10-01775387 



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