about us

Cement Egypt….

Cement Egypt is a newly established web site that is dedicated to the cement industry and other relevant economic subjects. It is intended to support the cement industry and the various parties involved.

Vision :

Cement Egypt aims at being the leading website to serve and support the cement industry in the Middle East and North Africa. In doing so, Cement Egypt will strive to introduce to its visitors unbiased, and updated information in regard to the cement industry.

Mission :

Cement Egypt will impact the knowledge base of those who are involved in the cement industry by providing the information and instruments required to view the industry big picture, as well as, boosting their ability to keep up with the changing patterns of the industry. Through its efforts, Cement Egypt will endeavor to build a robust database as a reference for the industry and its stakeholders.

Goals :

• Reach all the stakeholders in the cement industry locally and internationally.
• Provide the whole industry with all the needed information and services.
• Update all the stakeholders with the latest in the industry.
• Provide all the stakeholders with all the available opportunities and chances in the industry.
• Connect and network with the industry stakeholders.
• Establish strategic alliances and partnership with key players in the industry.
• Advertise, and publish newsletters and organize events.