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Medcom Aswan Cement Company

Medcom Aswan Cement Company "Egyptian joint stock company" was established in April 2006 in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 8 of 1997 and its executive regulations by Resolution No. 318 / T of 2006 issued by the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones with a licensed capital of 700 million Egyptian pounds and the factory is located at kilometer 110 road Aswan / Abu Simbel - Aswan Governorate, operation began in February 2009. The capacity is 750 thousand tons per year. The company produces Portland cement CEM I (42.5) according to the Egyptian Standard CEM 4756-1/2013 and the European Standard ((BS EN 197-1/2011))



Type Product
Portland Aswan
Portland Elsad Elalee
Product Province Lowest Price highest Price Today avg Yesterday avg Change  
Elsad Elalee Aswan 1780 L.E. 1780 L.E. 1780 L.E. 1780 L.E. 0 L.E.
Elsad Elalee Luxor 1770 L.E. 1770 L.E. 1770 L.E. 1770 L.E. 0 L.E.
Aswan Sohag N/A
Aswan Qena N/A
Aswan Aswan 1780 L.E. 1780 L.E. 1780 L.E. 1780 L.E. 0 L.E.
Aswan Luxor 1770 L.E. 1780 L.E. 1775 L.E. 1775 L.E. 0 L.E.
Aswan Giza N/A
Aswan Qalyubia N/A
Aswan Assiut N/A
Aswan Cairo N/A
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