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Delta Sand Bricks was originally founded 1985 by Sand Bricks Holding Co, a conglomerate owned by the government. They acquired two factories, which were erected during 1985-1988, from Ytong Sweden. The factories were constructed in Quesna, Monefya and in Abasa, Sharqeya. They were built with a capacity of 600 m3 each per 24hrs.


Post construction of new factory, the Company started its production of AAC in 1988. The first 10 years we slow and little progress were made due to lack of expertise and knowledge in both areas of products and production management. Consequently, the machinery deteriorated over time.


Privatisation during 1990’s

Having had multiple problems with the factories, the government decided to sell its factories through a tender process. 

Given Plena’s history of having been the majority shareholder of Ytong (largest AAC manufacturer in the world at the time) and having therefore a strong reputation in the AAC market, the Egyptian government decided to sell its factories to Plena Group. 

Plena brought in a number of people to overlook the refurbishment of production and reconstruction of finance and sales as step one.


Development during 2000’s

During beginning of the new millennium, there were a lot of changes taking place. The BoD was changed to better reflect Plena’s presence, new Mgm was brought in and a large investment program begun.

During this decennium good progress was made in terms of production quality and new products, proper procedures were established, and company’s financial performance improved. 

During the last part of the 2000 decennium, it was clear that in order to take further steps, further changes were needed. 

New Beginning 2010 and onwards

A management reshuffle and new CEO took charge in order to broaden our brand exposure to the industry. The company is now a growth company with healthy financial performance that is expected to further improve. The brand and product awareness in the marketplace is growing. Our clients are receiving the latest product and packaging improvements and are highly satisfied. 

During the next few years, Delta Block is due to become part of Plena Asset Management Group with larger financial ability to grow in the country and the region.

Company Page - Milestones

1985  Delta Sand Bricks Co Formed

1988  Completion of the construction of the two AAC factories in Egypt

1997  Egyptian government tenders Delta Sand Bricks for privatisation

1998  Plena Group acquires 90% of Delta Sand Bricks Co through the privatisation tender process

2002  New BoD and foreign Managing Director take charge 

2004  Large investment program to upgrade facilities 

2009  Management reshuffle to ensure better local market penetration and awareness from industry

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