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Com is the Ashim brick factory infantile and building materials SAE
Com company founded Ashim brick clay and building materials (SAE) in accordance with the Investment Law
In order to manufacture clay bricks to meet the domestic and external market needs of clay bricks and building materials
The factory is located in the industrial zone - Kom Ashim - Fayoum governorate - 72 kilo Egypt Fayoum road
It is the company's most important clients
A total of Avesta companies
Egypt Company for armed cement
Egyptian Company for Construction Ajibeko
Banha Contracting Co.
Mahmudiya Contracting Co.
See Contracting Co.
Arab Contractors Company
Egyptian Contracting Company

Address :44bis Palestine Street - New Maadi - Cairo - Egypt
Type Product
tafle Double conveyer 13 × 12 × 25