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I am at the beginning of the millennium - we have integrated among the largest investment company (Orascom), in cooperation with the Greek Investment Authority and purpose of the production of bricks and tiles European standards - we are proud to participate in the construction of Egypt.
Egyptian Greek brick infantile Orascom brick infantile company, which was established at the beginning of the new millennium through the integration between the largest investment in the Middle East and Egypt's Orascom in cooperation with the Greek investment which play a key role in the manufacture of bricks and tiles for the manufacture of ceilings in Greece, the purpose is the production of clay bricks and tiles European specifications to meet the needs and requirements of the new era through the economy and quality
And where we have the experience gained during the past few years we have made us proud to participate in the construction of the modern era in Egypt
Dear customers we would like to assure you that you will always be an integral part of Egyptian Greek and we will always do our best in order to achieve Nbla own desires and needs of high quality and reliable delivery of service in addition to reliable customer service
Manufacture and export of building materials [clay bricks Almnqhob] different sizes 25 * 12 60.5 * 0.25 * 12 * 13.25 * 12 * 15.13 * 15 * 25.
There are also our ability to produce any Other Sizes.
It will start production allocated to the roofs in December 2006 tiles where we are the first company in Egypt get the ISO 9001/2000.

Address:66Abou Elmahasen Elshazly St.,Agouza,Giza,Egyp
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Type Product
tafle Conveyer typical 6,5×12×25
tafle Double conveyer 13 × 12 × 25