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Egyptian joint stock company subject to the provisions of Law No. 159 of 1981

Major companies clay bricks and building materials, which was founded by the National Development Bank to produce 100 million bricks per year


Cairo National Company for Investment & Securities.
  Assiut Islamic Corporation for Trade and Development.
National Islamic Company for Trade and Development (Antad).
  National Development Bank.
The company's capital: 20 million pounds
Our products
Brick Type
The proportion of blanks
weighted average
Breakage effort
Absorption rate
The proportion of deceased
25 × 12 × 6.5 cm
2.350 kg
80: 100 kg / cm 2
1.28 g / cm 3
25 × 12 × 13 cm
4.500 kg
80: 100 kg / cm 2
1.28 g / cm 3
The most important features of the product clay brick factories: -

1.mtabq global and Egyptian standard specifications in terms of the natural properties of the construction units manufactured desert the girl used in the construction of load-bearing walls.
2.matmdh the Educational Buildings
3.albdel best red brick and banned its production.
4.hkl regular Bzwayah quite sharp and straight ribs, as the production of advanced automatic manner.
5.lonh homogeneous fit as fronts without whiteness, as the burning oven Tunneling make it homogeneous in terms of color, shape and durability.
Full 6.salahih for construction in coastal saline land intended for building.
7.imkn building walls partitions in concrete structures, and building walls carrier up to five innings.
8.mquaomh good acids.
9.khvh weight compared to other alternatives.
10.qoh mortar adhesion and high whiteness and achieves a saving in the cement and sand.
11.azl good sound, electricity, heat and humidity
12.sholh electrical and plumbing fixtures and faience and ceramic.
13.qoh carries a high presence of iron in the baby up to five times the durability of red brick.

The amount of bricks in the buildings: -

52 or 26 typical brick Double brick in flat meter of buildings.

Tests: -

 Tests are conducted daily on the company's product by a factor of Beni Suef plant and periodically specialized laboratories (Building Research body - Research Center - Department of Chemistry - engineering colleges coefficient Egyptian universities scattered provinces of the Republic - the General Authority for Educational Buildings - the provinces of educational buildings coefficient Republic

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Address :60A  Saad Zaghloul Street - a future - Beni Suef
Email :info@ueclaybricks.com
Web site :www.ueclaybricks.com
Type Product
tafle Conveyer typical 6,5×12×25
tafle Double conveyer 13×12×25