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Established in 2010, Egyptian Steel Group succeeded to penetrate the steel industry in Egypt. The Group operates with the philosophy of producing safe, high quality products conforming to local and international standards using the latest state-of-art eco-friendly technology with an eye on long-term conservation of resources.

Under the holding company are three well-established companies, Industrial Investment Company (IIC) for Steel Plants Management, National Port Said Steel (NPSS) and Egyptian Steel for Building Materials Trading operating four primary factories. 

Steelmaking is one of the most essential sectors in any economy, thus the group believes that its role in this sector is integral to the success of Egypt’s economy. Inspired to meet the continuing growth witnessed in domestic and international demand, the Group is continuing to concentrate on its exporting policy by increasing its productivity continuously to cover domestic and international needs.   

The planned expansion projects are designed to boost the company’s presence in the steel production and produce world class products. Egyptian Steel Group has contracted the Italian Group Danieli to construct and operate its production plants and implementing the endless rolling mill technology that reduces waste of rolling mill lines through pre-heating the scrap before charging the electric arc furnace. The adopted technology depends on relating the link between continuous casting machines and the rolling equipment without reheating billet or furnace melting operations.

Through years of experience and focus for bringing value to its customers, Egyptian Steel Group is dedicated to enhance its presence in the Egyptian market through regular upgrading and development of its operations guided by a qualified management team to help build life for future generations in the region

Factories Contacts

Port Said : Industrial Zone - Al Raswa - Port Said


Alexandria :  20 K.M. , Alexandria- Cairo Desert Road - Al Amria.

Tel.: 03 2023815/6/7

Al Ain El Sokhna : Economic Zone – Suez Industrial Development Company Sector – Al Ain Al Sokhna - Suez.

Beni Suef : Heavy Industries Zone, Beni Suef.

Address: Land 221 – 2nd Sector – 5th Settlement, New Cairo,
Cairo, Egypt, P.C 11835
Telephone: (+202) 27267004
Fax: (202+) 27267008 - 27267009
E-mail :
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Steel Masrein
Product Province Lowest Price highest Price Today avg Yesterday avg Change  
Masrein Giza 38500 L.E. 38500 L.E. 38500 L.E. 37500 L.E. 1000 L.E.
Masrein Port Said 38500 L.E. 38500 L.E. 38500 L.E. 37500 L.E. 1000 L.E.
Masrein Cairo 38500 L.E. 38500 L.E. 38500 L.E. 37500 L.E. 1000 L.E.
Masrein Qena 38600 L.E. 38600 L.E. 38600 L.E. 37600 L.E. 1000 L.E.
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