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Amreyah Cement Company is one of the key players in the National cement market and A Market leader in Alexandria and the North Coast. With a strong Brand name across its range of products.


Located in Kilo 55, Matrouh North Coast Road,Amreyah Cement   expanded in to Three production lines with a production capacity of 5.5 Million tons per year.In 2010Amreyah cement Ready Mix product  entered the market, with a Concrete batching plant production capacity 115,000 m3/year.


Amreyah Cement was established in 1987 and has been a member of InterCement SA Group since July 2012. InterCement is a global cement powerhouse with 40 plants around the world  and a total production capacity of 46 Million Ton per year. InterCement’s turnover  reached EUR 2.79 billion in 2012.


-  Two cement plants: AMCC (nominal capacity 2.5 Mt/A) and ACCC (nominal capacity 1.5 MT/A)

-  Three clinker production lines

-  Five cement mills

-  One cement packaging plant

-  One  Concrete batching plant

-  8 mixers and 2 pumps



Amreyah Cement supply the Egyptian Market with a range  of cement products  and its derivatives . It manages more than one distribution channel; Delivered Road, Railway and/or Exworks to serve all over Egypt.

Products List:

- CEM I OPC 32.5 N – Portland Ordinary Cement– Bag

- CEM I OPC 42.5 N – Portland Ordinary Cement- Bag & Bulk

- CEM I SRC 42.5 N – Sea Water Resistant- Bag & Bulk

- CEM II BL 32.5 Lime Stone- Bag

- Ready Mix Concrete

Type Product
Blended Abo Seir
resistant Amereya Sea Water
Portland Alamereya Alada
Portland Alborg
Portland Alsahel
Portland Al Delta
Portland Elsarh
Product Province Lowest Price highest Price Today avg Yesterday avg Change  
Alamereya Alada North Coast 970 L.E. 980 L.E. 975 L.E. 975 L.E. 0 L.E.
Alborg Alexandria 970 L.E. 970 L.E. 970 L.E. 970 L.E. 0 L.E.
Alborg North Coast N/A
Amereya Sea Water Dakahlia N/A
Alborg Marsa Matrouh N/A
Alamereya Alada Alexandria 960 L.E. 960 L.E. 960 L.E. 960 L.E. 0 L.E.
Alamereya Alada Dakahlia N/A
Alamereya Alada Beheira 955 L.E. 960 L.E. 958 L.E. 958 L.E. 0 L.E.
Alborg Luxor N/A
Amereya Sea Water Alexandria 980 L.E. 980 L.E. 980 L.E. 980 L.E. 0 L.E.
Alamereya Alada Kafr El Sheikh N/A
Amereya Sea Water Beheira 970 L.E. 970 L.E. 970 L.E. 970 L.E. 0 L.E.
Alborg Dakahlia N/A
Abo Seir Damietta N/A
Alborg Kafr El Sheikh N/A
Abo Seir Alexandria N/A
Abo Seir Dakahlia N/A
Abo Seir Beheira N/A
Amereya Sea Water Marsa Matrouh 985 L.E. 985 L.E. 985 L.E. 985 L.E. 0 L.E.
Abo Seir North Coast N/A
Alamereya Alada Damietta N/A
Amereya Sea Water Damietta N/A
Alborg Damietta N/A
Amereya Sea Water Kafr El Sheikh N/A
Abo Seir Kafr El Sheikh N/A
Amereya Sea Water Menoufia N/A
Al Delta Menoufia N/A
Al Delta Beheira N/A
Al Delta Dakahlia N/A
Al Delta Damietta N/A
Alamereya Alada Marsa Matrouh 970 L.E. 975 L.E. 973 L.E. 973 L.E. 0 L.E.
Al Delta Kafr El Sheikh N/A
Al Delta Assiut N/A
Amereya Sea Water North Coast 980 L.E. 985 L.E. 983 L.E. 983 L.E. 0 L.E.
Elsarh Alexandria N/A
Elsarh Marsa Matrouh 990 L.E. 990 L.E. 990 L.E. 990 L.E. 0 L.E.
Elsarh North Coast N/A
Abo Seir Marsa Matrouh N/A
Alborg Beheira N/A
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