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Exotic Ezz Steel - Alexandria was founded (SAE) in 1982 under the name of Alexandria National Iron and Steel (SAE) as a joint venture to invest in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 43 of 1974, as amended Investment Law No. 230 of 1989, and replaced by Law No. 8 for the year 1997.

The company aims to produce, manufacture and sale of iron and steel in all its forms and types, and the company has started producing iron lengths since 1986, as the company began producing iron surfaces since 2000. The actual production capacity of 3 million tons of steel.

Company for fifty years from the date of registration in the commercial register.
Title 21 Ahmed Orabi St., engineers, Renaissance Tower, round 24, Giza
Tel +20 2 33441320
Fax +20 2 33453371
Type Product
Steel Dkhela
Product Province Lowest Price highest Price Today avg Yesterday avg Change  
Dkhela Alexandria 39000 L.E. 39000 L.E. 39000 L.E. 38000 L.E. 1000 L.E.
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