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Princes Born giant factory and a resultant logical accumulations experiences the past few years that we spent in the design, manufacture and marketing of ceramic locally and globally
Ceramica princes company was founded in October 2003 and started production in February 2005 the actual plant is located on an area of ​​88 000 square meters in the tenth of Radan .
Princes are using the latest technology and the highest ceramic industry in the world , which is represented in the latest production lines .
Princes produces various types of ceramics.
      1 - Ceramic walls .
     2 - Ceramic floors .
     3 - to Istilo .
     4 - Tablohat .
Princes have the ability to maintain production plans and develop them with ambition and speed to meet the demands of our customers .
Princes have a clear goal and a specific to get the most quality for the final product , which starting from the raw materials from which the inevitable to be of the purest and highest level of raw materials , which are used either from domestic sources or global .
Princes in creativity expert and therefore can not Enlai His taste that does not find what he was looking for designs fit with his needs because we do not rely only on our designers creators , but look for creativity in the largest centers of specialized designs the most famous countries in the world which have a long tradition in the field of ceramics such as Italy and Spain.
Princes opened in July 2005 the latest and largest plant for the production of decoration ( the burden and Allistilo and Altablohat ) where the subject decorative products for fire system multi- where they are dealing with all kinds of ores decoration on end specifications , especially in the application of fire , giving our product depth and unique and elegant .
Princes them the philosophy of quality control in a constant search for the latest systems and techniques that are followed globally for quality control so we apply the latest rules applicable locally and internationally to get to achieve this philosophy .
Princes of the few factories in the Middle East , which allocates a percentage of the total business sector annually for research and development , training, whether it be for the manufacturing techniques and quality or the cadres of various sectors of the company who are truly one of the most important areas of investment princes .
Princes and export is one of the success stories of princes had enough , despite the novelty of the production of the plant , but he and as a natural result of the high quality and designs to suit different tastes and competitive prices enable us in during this short period of export to many different countries international worldwide .
Ceramica La Beaute honor of confidence , which is the certificate of success , which is granted to it by customers hungry for innovation revolving and evolving as we rightly stresses
Princes .. factories in creativity experts