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Factory :
Is established Ceramica Prima factory in the industrial zone in the fifth Sadat City , one of the most important industrial areas in Egypt recently .
Has developed a ceramic Prima production strategies from the beginning. And these strategies can be described as follows:
From the first day of operation , we have specific goals we need to achieve the following :
• High quality production .
• a wide range of products (where the plant produces a variety of model 300 of different sizes) .
He chose the management team Ceramica Prima also in a unique position in the market by choosing a competitive advantage unmatched that qualify implementation of the " double firing technology " multiply guarantees Technology shoot our customers the following features:
• maximum strength .
• reduction in water absorption .
• wear and corrosion resistance .
• High performance against friction.
• chemical resistance.
• to ensure a high degree of accuracy , flatness and smoothness .
• produce a unified beaten and harmony in colors and shades .
This is the sales growth in the period from 1999 to 2010
Ceramica Prima is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality wall and floor tiles , ceramic and decorative pieces throughout the Middle East and Africa .
 Ceramica Prima is the brand name for one of our branches Egyptian Group for manufacturing investments (EGMI). Founded in 1996 Prima factory located in the industrial area fifth " Sadat City " in the middle of the desert road between Cairo and Alexandria.
 Foundation stone was laid for Ceramica Prima in Egypt in April 1995 . Construction began in May 1996 and the process is soft and signed in August 1997 . In the same year , was Ceramica Prima first factory in the Middle East and Africa, using a " double shot " technology in the production process of this technology consists burning of each layer of the tile separately.
 In early 1998 Ceramic Prima began working at full capacity . In August 1998 the company's management gave the green light for work to expand to meet growing demand both domestically and internationally .
 " Launch Tech Double " is the manufacturing technique that relies on the launch of each tile as a separate before shooting him and covered by layers of glaze colors .
 This method avoids all defects arising from the technology to launch one as sizes , and surface defects and tonality .
 Obtain guarantees that the tiles highest level of quality with the best technical specifications. The designs are selected from major international companies and design to compete with the domestic and international markets .
 "The issue of firing technology. Decoration products for decoration products such as " Listels, panels and are subject to the inclusion of multi- shot technology . Each type of material and a different type of therapy , in the context of the application of special specifications and shooting , which makes our products always having depth , lead and polished .
 Excellence in the ceramic industry and complementary feeding industries and through the management of change able to anticipate changes through continuous development.
 Our mission:
 The company offers a distinct production of ceramics and complementary industries through innovation and elegance and beauty of the designs and specifications conform to international quality to achieve the satisfaction of our customers and commitment to excellence in service Bmair by investing in our people and the development of our society and protect our environment .
 Our core values ​​are :
• Mastering : to ensure quality.
• Secretariat : In order to trust.
• Taste: for beauty .
• Safety: the environment and humans.
• Commitment: the values ​​and laws
This is the sales growth in the period from 1999 to 2010