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Ceramic omega- born giant as a result of fifteen years of experience in the field of manufacturing and marketing of ceramic locally and globally the company is keen on providing the highest levels of customer service , ranging from the provision of the latest global designs available with competitive prices to all customers everywhere

Omega name indicates the accuracy and quality , which the company is keen to offer both our customers through quality control and application specifications of World Records

  Held Omega Ceramics factory on an area of ​​60 thousand square meters in Tenth of Ramadan, Italian modern production lines and production capacity of 40 thousand square meters per day , and will increase to 75 000 square meters per day by the end of 2011
Company aims to Omega Ceramics access to production in order to provide maximum power and increase employment opportunities for young people as well as export markets opening up to Arab, African and Aruban order to support the national economy
Omega start from where others have ended , we offer the most beautiful and diverse modern thinner designs which satisfy all tastes
Ensure that customer satisfaction is the real profit of our activity