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Our brand is more than just a logo or an image. It's how we can build a new brand in the market which can combine all our experience in the field of Ceramic Tiles to meet our customers need and gain their trust and by giving them the opportunity to discover,interact and learn about Ceramic Tiles.

Rock Ceramic

The name "Rock" reflects our determination to provide our customer with something superior to the average Ceramic Tile, as seen in our STAR, SKY,and STYLE collections. The company produces Ceramic Tiles of the very highest quality,with 35% of production going for export all over the world, from Europe. Asia, Africa, Arab World, and North America.

Our factories are fully equipped with the latest technology and stuffed by highly experienced professionals how are also fully integrated team-workers,working single-mindedly as one, thier sole aims to produce the very best. We believe very strongly that team work is an essential back up to individual creativity and inspiration, so as to insure a finished product of the very highest order.

Not Only Ceramics

From the raw materials to the finished surfaces: the high quality of Rock Tiles comes from a thorough control of all stages in the production cycle, which will be trusted to the various group companies, in Egypt and abroad.
To Obtain tiles and slabs which provide outstanding performances, even under the hardest conditions, we use only selected raw materials and state-of-the-art technologies: Single-firing process, the bisque and the glaze are fired simultaneosly at a high temperature, resulting in a stronger body and a harder surface. 

We are willing to devote a reasonable budget especially for research, with the aim of perfecting its technologies and sharing the benefits with its clients, offering them a flooring and wall covering product which becomes ever more attractive, resistant and easier to maintain. 

Our Mission

Provide our customers in Egypt and Middle East, the most innovative, high-quality Ceramic Tiles and related products and world-class customer service by employing highly qualified team, innovative sales strategies, and an efficient technology driven distribution network. 

Our Vision

Be the best Manufacturer of Ceramic Tiles and related products in the world, providing our customers with total satisfaction through commitment to our values of respect, loyalty, humility and integrity. We will dedicate ourselves to working responsibly communicating effectively and working together as a team. We will create high value for our shareholders through effective leadership, strategic partnerships, employing the best people, the best technology, and distribution systems worldwide, thus being Simply the best. 

Our Values


We recognize the value of every individual by promoting diversity and accepting different behaviors, thoughts and styles. 


All employees must feel a sense of belonging to our organization. This will be a part of our personality that will continue the essence of our company. 


Being open to the ideas of othes will contribute to make us better individual through flexibility and adaptability. In the same way,as we become better individuals we build better teamwork with our fellow co-workers. 


Being honest in our thinking as well as in our actions, having a consistent behavior with what we say, inspire others to trust us.