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Ceramica Ronde

Is the trade name for ceramics produced by the company's factories international ceramic industry which is a joint stock company in accordance with the Law No. 8 of 97 and with a capital of 120 million pounds as a first stage and an area of ​​158 thousand square meters

Competencies and experiences of Egyptian

The factory Ceramica Ronde is the only plant in Egypt and the Middle East, which was installed and run 100% Egyptian expertise and without the intervention of any foreign expert

Quality and trust

Characterized by Ceramica Ronde production of ceramic tiles according to the specifications of Egyptian and international ceramics , according to quality certificates granted to him by the National Institute for Research Egyptian

Excellence and elegance

Ceramica is also characterized by high Ronde taste and to suit different tastes and also characterized by the strength and durability and international quality and for the following reasons :

1 . The availability of rare and elite group of engineers and technicians who work under the banner of quality and production
2 . All Italian-made equipment factory
3 . Most raw materials imported from the world's largest companies in Italy and Spain in order to ensure quality
And a commitment to excellence

Given the quality has reached Ceramica Ronde world , more than 40 % of ceramic products exported to international markets , and this percentage is increasing

Board of Directors

- Abdel Moneim Attia quality T

Chairman of the Board
- Yahya Abdel Moneim quality

Vice Chairman of the Board