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In 1981 the company began to "scape" as a project to study the construction and industrial plants and is what has made the name of "Cityscape" come into being. And a product of a partnership between the family of Moses and Dr. Khalil and Hafez Al Badr Sednaoui company has continued to see the diversity of the work associated with paints and construction chemicals and construction. And has focused "Cityscape" to provide products and services to a large number of projects and has specialized in providing professional and technical services for new projects. And inspired understanding of the requirements of the various projects it has taken "Cityscape" on the task of providing new products and services from international markets to the Egyptian market and to meet the demand and to fulfill the specific needs of these projects. And become "scape" is the perfect choice for professionals and professionals is reflected on her identity and logo and services.

Addresses branches of SCIB Chemicals
Alexandria Branch
Bridge May 14, Landmark Buildings (b)
Smoha - ninth floor Apartment 93
(Above shops Hany Mix) - Alexander
Yeh: 034293425-03423197
Store Alexander Yeh: 033830290
T + P: 034 292 233
Ismailia Branch
Amara (75) Flat 11
Third round - Sheikh Zayed - Zone II - Ismailia
Tel: 0643333129
Mansoura Branch
59 Street Mahmoud structure
Off the Suez Canal behind
Mobil Gas Station - cue - Mansoura
Tel: 0502301988
Assiut Branch
Towers Victory Tower 1 (a)
104 First Floor Apartment
In front of the Chest Hospital - Assiut Governorate
Tel: 0882185301
Branch Hurghada
St. Mina Monastery
Off Street Hijaz
- Dahar - Hurghada
T / 0653546947
P: 0653556042
Branch Sharm El Sheikh: -
Real Estate (3)
Industrial Zone
Alrowasate in front of the Egyptian Franchise
Italian Aajibeko and next
South Sinai Workshop on Trade and Timber
Tel: 0693662661
Branch Luxor
Ahmed Orabi Street in front of
Taiba mosque - position
El Bayadeya - Luxor
Tel: 0952282175
Branch Haraneya
Osman Bridge Street - Osman
- In front of a mosque Osman - b
Villa neighborhood Ismail Osman
Haraneya - Giza
Tel: 33879478 to 33879611
P: 33883511
Branch Qalyub
By Alexander
Yeh agricultural - honorable Ring -
When crossing Meet Halfa -
Qalyub - Qaliubiya
Tel: 42148460 to 4213344
P: 42152040