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Shabana Group

. Ruwayyah: maximizing the name Shabana in the domestic market compared with the extent of coverage and the reputation of the company by the year 3102
Message: We offer everything from new building materials Modern talking to customers for the estimated quality and diversity relying
In our experience it on for more than thirty years in the field of trims and accessories, as well as stronger Mkmladtha Network
Distribution backed by the latest systems and technologies.


Shabana Group:
* One of the leading companies in the field) Paints - trims - number - Furniture and accessories ... (.
* Shabana Group has a great reputation in the sales of the best building materials Modern talk based on her experience in
For more than thirty years.
* Shabana Group operates at the best systems and technologies through a special work team and effectively to satisfy all tastes
And customer needs. Shabana Group also enjoys the confidence and credibility with our customers.
* Shabana Group is consistently ranked within the top Altjaroualemozein Republic Musrarabh.


Shabana commercial centers:
* Agent for major global and domestic paints.
* Agent for major German companies, Italian and Argentine specialized in wallpapers and paint made with stainless
Vinyl material.
* A major distributor for the company's products in the Swedish specialized tools, such as the number of diverse decorative) printers -
Alasbens - stencil - printing and embossing rolls .. (.
* Agent and distributor for major accessory German, Italian, Turkish, Chinese like) Furniture Accessories - Accessories
Bathroom and kitchen - Hardware door and window ... (.
* Agent and distributor for major companies cornices, columns and hubs and Albanohat made of foam-ROM.
* We also have branches specializing in furniture and domestic and imported furniture suit all tastes equipped with the latest
Home accessories and Najaf along with a team of talented designers dedicated to decoration works that help
Our customers in the selection.