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For more than thirty-five yearsER-LAC has been a leading innovator in the production and distribution of paints, varnishes and synthetic resins, with particular success in both the local and international markets.

These years have been marked by rapid growth and dynamic development, achieved by careful planning at a steady pace, taking full advantage of advances in science and technology.

The design, laboratory research, production process, quality control and services provided, have been established according to international guidelines.

In recent years, ER-LAC has made a substantial investment in the modernization of its facilities, paying particular attention to the protection of the environment.

ER-LAC, brushing aside old-fashioned and outdated thinking, has developed and established innovative and modern methods for the distribution of its products. It is the first paint industry to have developed and promoted a system of manufacturing color shades in the Greek market. The result of this achievement is that today ERLAC boasts the most modern, reliable and affordable system for the production of color shades with the biggest number of installed machinery in shops.

Capitalizing on advances in technology, new ecological products including water-soluble products are being developed which are both user-friendly and environmentally-friendly. These products have the same, if not better properties and durability of traditional products.

ER-LAC manufactures products which require specific production methods with increased quality claims. For this reason, while constantly striving to satisfy both the professional and the ordinary consumer, ER-LAC has implemented Quality Control System according to international quality standards ISO 9001:2000 which covers all of the activities of ELOT and has won the relevant international certification IQ NET ISO 9001:2000.

ER-LAC, fully aware of the necessity to protect the environment and aware of its responsibilities in this area, is one of the very few businesses in the chemical industry which have developed a complete system of environmental management. This covers all of the requirements of the guidelines ELOT EN ISO 14001:2004 monitored by ELOT and has been awarded the relevant international certification.

Today, ER-LAC, by providing fully automated production processes, progressive technology, an up to date and effective delivery network, experienced and well-trained scientific and technical staff, dominates the Greek market, providing the widest range of products covering constructionfurniture industry and car refinishing.

It is the only Greek industry in the field which, based on its infrastructure, its experience and its particularly successful course in the Greek market, has an increasing presence also in many foreign markets.