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Company History:

To saw the decor and import the sole agent for Nasr City plant Jazeera Paints Saudi Arabia. Specialize in paints of all kinds, coordinate and Tsamiem interior colors "paints basis - Plastic Paints - Paints, oil - Paints Decorative" sophisticated, high quality and the prices are beyond competition. "Island fantasy - the island Roshan - the island creativity - Valvi island - the island Chamois "We have special prices for decoration companies and distributors.

ambitions and aspirations. In a short time the effort of the founders, through their vision and dedication towardsbia.

Paints company is sparing no effort in the island partnerships with customers on the basis of outstanding responsibility and strengthening of human resources and concerted efforts in order to achieve the highest professional standards and sustainable development in the field of manufacture of paints. As a result, the company has covered the various regions and countries that export the products to more than 500 showrooms and Center for sale, have been sited carefully so as to provide customers easy access, and Rphit these lounges cadres trained working to provide help and assistance to customers in the selection of a wide range of specialized products and outstanding to satisfy tastes different.

The company continues Jazeera Paints her career in the discovery of the infinite possibilities of the technology through the manufacture of paints and production units, and to achieve the best value for their products in order to enrich human life and well-being of the clients.

This will keep the promise Jazeera Paints Company firm and consistent in terms of the commitment to quality, objectivity and creativity in the manufacture of all its products, in addition to the methodology that works from which to achieve excellence and upgrading their capabilities to achieve the highest international standards.

About the company:

We went in (Paints island), paints industry giant in the Middle East and neighboring regions, through our journey over the course of more than thirty-three years, a lot of successful experiences that are recorded in the interest of our national economy, and we have made achievements beyond expectations:

1 - the first company paints materialized outside the United States of America certificate ( Green Seal ) Global Sustainable Green Building rating system according to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ( LEED ), and we have produced high quality paints in an environmentally responsible to maintain both the consumer and the environment.

2 - Paints is materialized first company in Asia and Africa certificate ( UL ) for our global fire-resistant technology, bloating, materialized as the testimony of these products from labs

Exova Warringtonfire ) to become the Kingdom in the ranks of major industrialized nations in the world, paints, and play a major role in the preservation of life and property and protect the major projects of the danger of collapse.

3 - Our company's name is included in the list of Organization ( MPI ) as the first global company of Saudi Arabia, and that after passing a number of tests organized our products successfully.

4 - over the years and Akpna a competitor needs and desires of our customers in terms of the types of paints and services, Vtnoat our products to include architectural and decorative paints and industrial and marine protective coatings and paints, wood and fire-resistant paints, among others.

5 - we increased the size of our production capacity to about 320 thousand tons per year Banchaina automated factory is the first of its kind in the region, working with the latest technologies to manufacture environmentally safe paints water, as was done in by surprise Asir region South Saudi Arabia in mid-1993, only four thousand tons.

6 - We have established a center for research and studies natural since 1993, is the first of its kind in the region is the testing, research and tests on the ground, according to the environment and the atmosphere of the Middle East, which tends to high temperatures and sunshine in most days of the year.

7 - We have developed a center for research and development comparable to the most advanced international research centers to invest tens of millions of riyals, and Rphinah highly qualified engineers and technicians pick them invent the latest products and the most up-to-day requirements, thereby helping to meet the needs of our valued customers and their requirements.

8 - We launched the first mobile training center is equipped with materials, tools and means of training samples and help roam parts of the Kingdom, as a step complementary to the work of the Center for Training and Development in our corporate headquarters and the main sub-centers and the training process, which is free of charge.

9 - We set up the Academy Jazeera Paints first specialized academic education and training on the application of paints in the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East, is interested to bridge the gap between academic research and the application on the ground and keep up with and provide all that is new and evolving in the world of paint, and is seeking to increase the exchange of scientific and research with universities and competent bodies and the establishment of joint research, and will organize scientific conferences concerned paints, colors, and participation in conferences, local, regional and global, which is equipped with the latest equipment and tools for technical training, and operate according to the latest scientific methods and practical and applied, we have established training centers branch in various regions of the Kingdom.

10 - We organized the first Saudi Conference for paints and colors and the Second Saudi Conference for paints and colors from a solid vision for the need to enrich our scientific research in the world of paints.

11 - we have strengthened our presence in the field of the protection of the Gulf of metal corrosion products to excercise pious metals from rust and corrosion represented Bdhanat protection that keeps the metal and increase shelf life, and our participation in the conference and exhibition for the Middle East Corrosion of metals which will be held in the Bahraini capital Manama.

12 - We changed the traditional view of paints by providing a bouquet of decorative techniques innovative attracted significant interest from our customers, including our product Aldekora outside the first of its kind (the island shades) resistant to pick up dirt, dust and weather conditions different, and our products (the island and Rod - the island splendor - the island creativity - Al Jazeera imagination - the island Goldie - Chamois island - the island Velvet - Fantasy Island - the island Marmo - the island Roshan).

13 - we were able to find some kind of harmony between the parents and their loved ones, by asking Special Paint rooms children keen to be healthy and safe.

14 - Olena heritage a great deal of attention aware of its importance in the hearts of our valued customers, by creating a unique product gives the house a modern shape typical of the old mud houses we called (the island Mchahko).

15 - We have developed a special kind of paint to address the phenomenon of tampering and deliberate distortion of the walls of buildings dumped writings and drawings in violation of the most basic moral values ​​and social norms, which we called (Al-Jazeera Rival).

16 - We produced the strongest and the latest coating eliminates Almaekerobac in operating rooms and hospital birth, depends on the technique of silver ions, a certified laboratories Agion called global (anti Maekerubik island Agion ).

17 - In our efforts to preserve public health and safety of the environment we were the first company to produce paints Saudi coating resists ships plankton under the name of (anti Jazz Vaulinj) is free from material TBT harmful to the marine environment and the health of human beings who make the catch sea food to them.

18 - We issued the first electronic catalog in the world of paints and dissidents put forward two applications of color and decoration on smart devices are iJazeera   andiDecor we have established centers of colors in our showrooms to assist in drawing the dimensions of color and decorative more distinctive and modern embody the aspirations of all segments of society.

19 - brought about a qualitative change in the methods of presentation paints through more than 500 exhibition inside and outside the Kingdom takes a unique character with a high level of elegant decor and spacious space and distinctive design to meet the need of our valued customers and accounts for their interest.

20 - we put our mark on a lot of projects of government and private health, education, university, trade and tourism, an emphasis on quality and improve our products, including major projects such as the League of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology and King Abdullah Financial Center King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research of the Company (Aramco) and the University of Princess Nora girl Abdel-Rahman and King Abdul Aziz International Airport.

21 - Astqtabna competencies of Saudi Arabia, and provided a suitable environment for innovation and excellence in the work, to enable our employees aspiring to improve and develop themselves, we also employ national cadres with special needs, thus continuing the quest to instill the values ​​of the young generation through receiving large numbers of them annually.



Continuing to look to new heights in the industry and technology paints and optimum use of our products in enriching human life and well-being.



A - commitment.

B - dedication.

C - objectivity.

D - creativity and innovation.

E - teamwork.

 About Us


1 -leading paint company and competition in both Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region as well as the Middle East and Africa.

2 - to achieve a partnership with customers and the community stems from a sense of responsibility and upgrading the national industry and human resource development.

3 - to achieve the highest standards of quality and excellence through knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and commitment to achieve balanced growth and achievements.

Public policy of the company:

- The use of high quality raw materials in the production processes after testing and tests them with all rigor and comprehensiveness, before the adoption and use in the production process.

- Investing in a group of qualified human resources with experience at all levels, and meet the challenges of the market and maintain our leadership position.

- The use of the latest hardware and advanced machinery in production processes.

- Activation and processing research and development laboratories and quality control using the means available.

- Follow the standards and specifications approved by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality, Standards and American Standard and the ISO system on all products