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Atir Singer brick factory infantile Egyptian joint stock company. The company was established according to the law of investment in the manufacture of clay bricks to meet the needs of the local market of clay bricks
The purpose is to meet the needs and requirements of the modern era through the economy and quality
Featuring brick product is automatically superior quality as a result of control in all stages of production of input tuning and adjusting of sand ratios and the girl child as well as to control the percentage of water during the forming process as well as to control the drying, which produces high-specification bricks in terms of light weight, which reduces loads on the origin of the concrete features regularly brick shape and not distorted as a result of the automated manufacturing of the first phase of production to the fire and not manually handled in any stage of production as opposed to the traditional product as the brick is characterized by unsustainable high stresses and carry it up to about 150 kg / cm 2
As for the available sizes there are
Length Width Height
6.5 1225
131 225

This sizes according to sizes of the Egyptian General Authority for Standards and Quality.
The company has the ability to produce all kinds of different sizes on demand.

Dear customers we would like to nag you that we will do our best in order to meet the desires and the needs of special high quality and reliable delivery service and reliable customer service
Address:By the end of the freeway - Helwan - Arab Abu saaed
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Type Product
tafle Automatic conveyer 13 × 12 × 25
tafle Conveyer 12 × 11 × 24
tafle Conveyer 6 × 11 × 24
Product Province Lowest Price highest Price Today avg Yesterday avg Change  
Conveyer 6 × 11 × 24 Cairo 430 L.E. 445 L.E. 438 L.E. 438 L.E. 0 L.E.
Conveyer 12 × 11 × 24 Cairo 860 L.E. 890 L.E. 875 L.E. 875 L.E. 0 L.E.
Automatic conveyer 13 × 12 × 25 Cairo 1100 L.E. 1140 L.E. 1120 L.E. 1120 L.E. 0 L.E.
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