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Bred Arabian sand brick by brick-making expert sandy Dr. / Mohammed Abdel Razek expert industry development brick sandstone (pink) in Egypt and the Arab countries

Bred Arabian sand brick giant continued to Njaanha achievements and success after another.

Arab Company for brick sand is Fort brick-making sand in Msrbmentjat brick sand pink blocks light brick and committed two matching technical specifications Egyptian, and in order to castle continue to progress towards providing better to its customers, it has a large fleet of transport is equipped with the latest technological techniques, employment and professional trained to the highest level to reach to top performance for the transfer of bricks rates to all parts of the Republic.

Arabian sand bricks possess German-made presses.

It also works out marketing and sales of high-efficiency device and experienced.

The Arabian sand bricks high capacity in production and has a high potential for the implementation of giant projects in Egypt.
Arabian sand bricks have been adopted by the offices of foreign consultancy in Egypt.

The company produces bricks of all kinds and sell and transfer all over the country
1. brick sand (white - pink - Dark Pink)
2. Inter-Luc tile types and colors (coarse - fine)
3. Solid brick Hydraulic cement production.
4. Brdorh dock to the (medium - Aujali - gardens).
5. blocks light bricks of all sizes.
6. Bricks my child special.
The company owns a fleet to transport bricks to all parts of the Republic of workers technical coach. Factory: Helwan new industrial zone

tel:39766209 _  01002197277  _  01146533996
Address :52Mohammed bin Hamad Al Thani Street first Faisal Giza space station
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Type Product
ramle White 6 × 12 × 25
ramle Light pink 6 × 12 × 25
ramle Dark pink 6 × 12 × 25