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Our goal is to offer you a different style of life, through the project Villas Evergreen resort where outstanding planning Evergreen Resort is a special world of beauty and harmony, where green landscaping, and cultivated land and fruitful okay types of fruit and containing buildings does not exceed 7% of the project area, with Evergreen will always amused you and your family safe and calm and comfort, privacy and a clean life free from contamination. Evergreen Resort is located near the Smart Village, just 18 km from fees gates, features a unique design for its facilities, where it was a combination of modern ideas and architectural details ancient method to provide 110 Villa only on 96.5 acres, is characterized by numerous designs of different homogeneous to allow their customers the freedom to choose according to their needs including not affect the aesthetic consistency of the project.

Large internal road network serving the city
Network sewage pipes to address the means of exchange
Health Club
Swimming pools and playgrounds
Electric cables private network in the city
24-hour security service