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About the project:

With the advent of the twentieth century atheist and popped the needs and requirements of a new life and was the idea of building a new project cope
  In architectural embroidery philosophy of modern architecture and contains residential, service and business services all in one place
Located in the new communities in which it is moving many of the citizens to buy real estate in the current time away from overstock
Congestion, environmental pollution, close to the urbanization at the same time.
Was the construction on the Central Plateau Moqattam where Mayfair is located at a height of 200 m above sea level where the air
Pure away from the bustle of the city.

Features of the project:

Clear vision for green spaces and modern buildings, high-end Tzlha distributed trees in the residential assembly
The fresh air and the wonderful view from the terraces on the green color and the water fountain, which provides a kind of healthy environment
Comfortable that allows social and cultural cooperation between the residents to communicate at all levels and this landmark project will lay the
  Methods life upscale amid landscaped attractive.
Pave the internal road traffic and public transport network utmost comfort to the residents of the project and introduce the visitor access
To any place around the city of Cairo in a short time away from the bustle of the city Fmaa Fair features close to the ring road
And Carrefour and anti Ali after five minutes and a distance of one third of the time of Nasr City and nearly half an hour of engineers are
Surrounded by the main roads and easily accessible and provide security to them.

Construction division:

- Mayfair includes 120 residential units ranging in size between 130 m and 150 m spread over four residential space models
   Of the Earth (5400) square meters and a variety of different designs to suit the residents of all social strata in the city
   And fit all needs.
- Apartments divided into three rooms and a terrace and a reception room and 3 bathrooms.
- Mayfair also includes business units of various sizes suitable for all purposes.
- Adopted a new concept in engineering designs, a fun building to become Haarana "fun place."
   It is the most important characteristics of the fun inside the dwelling place of large natural lighting provides in-room, taking into account
   Non-infringement of privacy and injured residents of Mayfair and provide enough space for the courtyard for use by family members
   To get to our goal of achieving a fun place under complete privacy.
- All bedrooms are designed for all residential units overlooking the green Central Region, where the magnificent views
   The tranquility and natural ventilation and lighting were also all saloons design and the receiver of the main streets and terraces
   The whole purpose of the interface.

So Mayfair will be worthy of the label interface Mokattam Mmajth upscale housing for those who want a chance to enjoy this unique site.

5% -20% reservation contract
The remaining 5 years without interest